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<span class="wtr-time-wrap before-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">7</span> min read</span>What is a Copywriter?

Many of you may not know what a Copywriter is? Even less so an engineering copywriter.

If you need text written for a website, magazine, editorial or social media article, then this is ‘copy’. Simple in theory, but never in practice, especially for our chosen niche of engineering, manufacturing and technology industries.

Why you need a copywriter

If a business is writing copy it’s usually appealing to a more sophisticated type of customer who wants to be informed rather than ‘sold-to’. The role of a copywriter is to translate text or bullet points into persuasive stories relevant to an industry sector. The aim is to increase your organic search results on the internet and therefore INCREASE SALES.

It’s somewhat idiosyncratic that the engineering and manufacturing industry need copywriters more than most, because the engineers journey involves so much research. This equates to the ‘Awareness’ and ‘Discovery’ of the sales funnel, where copy serves its greatest purpose.


Quite often the temporary internal role of ‘copywriter’ gets relegated to a junior staff member, but then risks the problem they cannot take a high-level, strategic view to perform the task effectively, or it takes so long it doesn’t materialise.

Writing really good copy for the web, trade show entries, social media posts and general news items becomes a full-time job, which very few companies believe justifies the role.

This is where a professional copywriter comes in.

If the above is preventing you from writing any copy and pushing forward your marketing efforts, what can you do?

The answer is to hire a copywriter familiar in the engineering and technology industries.

Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a copywriter

1. More time for your business… or a coffee

Creating consistent and engaging copy takes time. A professional copywriter should be experienced in engaging your audience. The research and thought processes behind this take considerable time. Copywriters are experienced in getting to the point quickly and effectively.

Hiring a professional means you can focus on the operations of your business.

2. Industry Experience

Hiring someone who can learn quickly about your business and the industries it serves – A professional writer should be trained and experienced in aiming your copy at a particular industry or business sector.

A good rule-of-thumb is to find someone who can write from experience in your industry. For example, we don’t write for flower shops, because it doesn’t interest us and we have no experience in this market.

3. Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Many native English writers can write but often fail with correct grammar, splling or punctuation…. There is nothing more distracting when reading a piece with poor spelling or grammar. To be engaging a piece of writing should flow.

Google and the other search engines mark down poor grammar. If your copy is designed for the web, as many articles are, then good grammar and punctuation will assist in your search engine results.

4. Content format variation

A good copywriter can write variations of a piece to cater for different formats such as news articles, blogs, magazine editorial and social media where attention spans differ or the viewing medium (phone, desktop, billboard or print) used is different. Different format variations get your message to more readers within your chosen sector.

Multiple formats can also be created by a good copywriter for other uses, such as infographics, videos or images, re-purposing content to get it to a wider audience.

5. Too close to a subject

When writing copy yourself it can often be difficult to be objective about your own companies products and services. Your customers want to know solutions to their problems. Your marketing strategy will reflect this and avoid too much talk about internal promotions and other navel-gazing subjects. Do customers care who is the latest Herr Juncker to become admin manager in the Munich office? 

When you’re too close or within an industry, it can sometimes be difficult to separate out the business jargon which confuses the reader.

A carefully chosen copywriter with relevant industry experience will ensure your content is both objective and engaging for the audience in mind.

6. …Not close enough

When the copy is given to an outsourced marketing company who have no experience of the industry or familiarity with the terminology, there is a lot of pain associated with staff being chased to write the major bullet points for stories. The lack of industry understanding and experience takes up more of your time and defeats the purpose of hiring an outsourced consultant.

Hire someone experienced in your sector or the very least, has an understanding of the basic terminology.

7. Generating organic traffic

A good copywriter will have experience in search engine optimisation, knowing what works for the search engines, is up-to-date therefore making your company more likely to be found from within a search engine such as Google.

8. Making your subject matter exciting

Having worked in some really dry, challenging subject areas such as pipe gaskets, transmission couplings and welding covers it can be difficult to write exciting content for your audience.

Believe me, there is an audience for the driest, most boring subjects. Let’s face it, train spotters do actually exist (no disrespect to trainspotters). There must be audiences who find the most boring subject matter interesting.

We are a business who do this – We find it interesting how businesses actually make money from the most mundane, possibly boring products, services and solutions. We find the more you scratch the more interesting the dynamics of the business sector and industry. Some of these ‘boring’ solutions are what drives industry forward.

Who writes the copy for your business? Does it resonate with you and your readers?

If you’re interested in any of the digital marketing solutions we can offer including copywriting aimed at the engineering and technology industries then get in touch and let’s discuss your requirements.