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ROI marketing for engineering and technology companies

How do we offer a clear Return on Investment for our services, when so many don’t.

Very simple. Let’s take an example using a company manufacturing or supplying pipe supports.

Goals and target:

You’re a national supplier across the UK of pipe supports.

On average a new customer is valued at £2,000.

You decide to try the primary keywords for your industry across the country i.e. Pipe supports UK.

  1. Find a keyword for a product or service you offer which customers might search. Enter this into the Google search engine.
  2. Make a note of the top 3 ‘organic’ search results.
  3. Use a tool such as SEMrush to deliver the search term results for the top company domain from step 2.
  4. This search term result gives a volume estimate for the keyword. Pipe Supports came up with 6,600.
  5. SEMrush will provide the traffic% for the domain – that is how many visitors are landing on the selected domain (or company name).
  6. Multiply the traffic% by the volume. If you have a volume of 6,600 per month and traffic% of 25% then you will receive 1,650 visitors to your website per month.
  7. Let’s assume very conservatively you get a 3-5% conversion rate from website visitors to customers. This conversion (3%) equates to 50 customers. Each new customer will spend approximately £2,000 per month. Total £100,000.

If you aren’t starting to realise the potential yet, then don’t bother reading any further, as you either don’t have a soul or are dead from the neck down!

This example only illustrates one keyword. A good SEO strategy means you will rank for many more keywords, not just one. It is likely you will rank for keywords in the tens or hundreds (I also found the search term ‘Pipe Hangers’ with a volume of 9,900, which bumps the results even higher).

Great website optimisation also improves the general number of visitors, enhancing your online reputation which makes people want to do business with you.

An SEO campaign will include getting 3rd party positive reviews on Google, creating the right social media properties and signing up for some professional industrial associations. All are helping to aid in gaining visibility for your brand and attracting more customers.


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