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Website strategy and creation

Are you getting the return on investment from your existing website investment?

The foundation for any digital strategy is your website. Prospective customers visit your site after you target and engage them with content which answers some of their problems.

Your website provides your customers with a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) of what to do next.

Or does it?

Website strategy

A website can be a ‘shop window’ to your business or an E-commerce site to purchase from you directly online. Each one needs specific content, a target customer and goal to convert visitors into customers.

You may have an existing website or need an entirely new one. We map out your requirements and advise regarding the site goals, content and target (GCT) to ensure your company is seen by the customers you target.

Your goals are what will dictate the content. Your content or copy targets potential customers who need a clear Call-To-Action to make your site useful in targeting and attracting customers.

Website development

We can build your site as simple or as complex as required, including implementing an E-commerce function.

We always optimise the page, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, to be found on the Search Engine Results Pages you need to refine your site continuously. More details are found in our section titled Digital advertising and SEO.

As a rule of thumb, we suggest you reserve half of your budget for a website build and another half for continued SEO.

Get in touch to discuss how we can make your investment in a digital strategy work for you.

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