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Social media marketing

Social media marketing in the engineering and technology industry


How can we use Social Media?

“I’m fed up with…………. Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram (fill in the blank)”

This is a question we receive a lot.

Social media for engineering, manufacturing and technology business can be effective

Social Media can be a great tool to increase engagement and directly generate leads, especially while building your website and getting to the top-ranked page in your sector. Like all marketing tools, it needs a clear plan and execution. You cannot expect to engage with a few individuals from potential clients, follow some companies and hope to get a response.

Like SEO, it does take time while you position yourself as a trusted expert in a field.

Using a combination of social media tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we provide advice, support and do the work for you in creating a strategic LinkedIn campaign customised specifically for your market.

People don’t respond to ‘cold’ email whichever means you take to approach them. We overcome this by creating a ‘warm’ messaging campaign establishing you or a nominated member of your team as a leading authority in your field.

We build and engage with prospective clients over a six to eight week period building up to eventually requesting a phone call or meeting. These ‘warm’ messages have a high conversion factor and provide an ROI on any investment in the programme. 

The programme can be switched on or off at any time. This is a cost-effective means of building a contact base and assists in your SEO efforts by building authority.

If you are interested in taking your social media to the next level then get in touch.

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