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Content management and copywriting for the engineering and technology industry

If you have got this far you may have noticed a theme. All these activities under this ‘Marketing’ heading link to each other. You cannot concentrate on one subject to the exclusion of the others.

A user-friendly website needs to be noticed (page one of Google). You get seen by making your content useful, engaging and persuasive to the user, or otherwise known as improving SEO. This improves your authority which attracts other sites to link to you as an authority (this is also known as back-links). No webmaster of any authority links without good content.

It is common-sense, as a dynamic website which continually engages potential customer needs is bound to improve rankings. This fact also illustrates one of the reasons SEO is a continuous process.

This section provides some ideas on how you can add content, without going to the extent of having to write brand new content every week or so.

New content

OK, this is the easiest to write about, but my experience is that few small firms or divisions have the resources to write original material continuously. It takes time, planning and an engaging subject, which often at least one of them is missing. Usually time!

Curated content

There are tools available, such as, where you can add a search term and return results from across all the RSS/Blog feeds across the internet. Don’t copy, paste and publish unless you want to put your customers off. Add some thought-provoking or challenging comment, proving that you have read the article and, even better, share an opinion on it.

Re-purposed content 

If you have been in business for a number of years then your old content can be re-purposed. This means updating any old articles with some minor revisions to suit today’s market and re-publishing, adding to your articles. New customers may not have seen it and older customers may like to be reminded of the points made for a modern market-place. 

Good content and copy should follow specific rules depending on the reader. It should be informative but also lead the customer to an opinion which portrays you as a trusted authority on the subject matter. Finally, it should lead the customer to consider taking action, either subtly or explicitly.

We write content for engineering and technology firms as well as employ a team of freelance copywriters with specialisms in specific areas, such as Pharma and Nuclear fields. 

Get in touch if you need a proposal for your content management needs.

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