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Marketing for Engineering and Technology Companies

Your website is central to your marketing strategy. This is the central hub for your commercial strategy. From field and telephone sales assisting customers with technical advice to enabling customers to purchase online, your website can be a powerful tool enabling your customers to do more.

It helps your business Win More customers and delights existing meaning they come back for more.

The aim of your website is for visitors to engage with your business and eventually act on the recommendations, providing an outlet for customers to react with you.

Actionable Insights

A visitors intent when viewing your website could be to review a demo, read a whitepaper or report, download an instruction manual or purchase goods.

Providing free resources, support and advice online are key to gaining the trust of potential visitors.

When awareness of your website capabilities increases, customers are more likely to enquire and purchase from you.

Visitors entering your sales cycle or funnel can be carefully directed to areas of interest. Provide visitors looking for information or instructions with an upsell, such as the right tool to get the job done or spares. 

Funnel Design and Development

Visitors might enter your sales funnel based on search data via search engines such as Google or Bing. You might advertise using Google Adwords so when customers search for a specific term, your site is suggested to them on the first page of Google (Google Adwords).

When potential customers visit your site, capturing potential lead data is critical to eventually converting to a sale. In some cases, this could simply be first name and email address. 

There are many routes a customer can take to find your website and register for more details. This could be via free resources such as newsletters and whitepapers to them following you on social media, such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Positioning your business as a spokesperson for industry changes, challenges and good news can be a very powerful draw.

PR & Backlinks

Visitors find you via back links and PR. This could be a link on somebody’s website when clicked on takes them to your site. This might be a referral to a comment you made in the press, a speaker bio at an event, news releases or awards.

There are many different forms of back links from referrals from other sites to sponsorship and trade shows. 

This is where many websites fail, as they don’t promote interest in their website from other areas.

It is also a very strong signal to the search engines (Google) to indicate your authority on a subject and as such promote your position in search rankings.

Social Media and Content

The content, instructions, videos you publish on your website and blog or newsletter are great but how do you alert readers and followers to these?

Social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook amongst others all drive traffic to your latest content. Content that can also be re-formatted for use within social media and re-published.

The chances are your most loyal followers might be some of your employees; it helps to get them involved also.

As more visitors and followers share your content they drive more traffic to your website. If more people share your content on Linkedin or re-tweets your post it exposes your website and your business to more potential customers.

If one of these visitors clicks on a link, that takes them into your funnel and they subsequently purchase you immediately see the value of social media and content marketing.

Your Digital Landscape

When you add all these components together the digital landscape looks like this, almost every time. Designing a system for your digital strategy is not complex, but can take considerable time and effort.

We build systems and processes to ensure your engineering and technology business becomes top-of-mind in your ideal customers decision making process. We work with your providers whether they are internal marketing or outsourced web developers to put together the building blocks to increase visitors and generate more leads for your business. 

Web Architecture Planning

Web architecture planning is relatively simple, but knowing what works is where we advise and deliver marketing strategies that work.

For an informal discussion on what we can do for your business then get in touch.

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