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Stuart Phythian

Stuart Phythian


“Often, it is engineering and technology businesses which, having focused on their product development and services are found lacking with their marketing. In today’s market, where more and more of our customers are searching online for products and services to meet their needs, an online presence is only one of the ways to connect.”

As an experienced senior director of various business, from private equity financed SME’s to Managing Director of the UK and overseas divisions of blue chip companies, I have a wide range of experience in the engineering and technology sector. I have worked internationally for many years and continue to do so. I have a broad understanding of international business and culture. Maybe some of this experience can assist you. Servicing customers in a wide range of industries, myself and my team are dedicated to making you and your venture a success.

I often mentor SME and startup owners, providing confidential support and assistance when it can be very lonely at the top. Issues such as HR, work-life balance aren’t always easy to manage. Providing a friendly ear from someone who has been successful in business can make a real difference to the top and bottom-line of your business, without going crazy or burnt-out in the process.

On a personal note I am an avid traveller, enjoy fine wine, a good (often foreign language) film although my ever increasing family don’t always allow much time. I also write with a fountain pen and drink pure tea (Silver-Needle white and Pu’erh are particular favourites). 

If I can be of assistance don’t hesitate to contact me.

Phythian Consultancy

We understand the technology and engineering industries, how to connect with end users, influencers and specifiers to expose your brand and ultimately increase revenue through improved lead generation.

Read on or contact me for an informal discussion on how we can assist in providing more exposure for your products and services.

…Applies strategic thinking and good listening with practical action once a decision has been made. He has a good understanding of when detail is necessary to bring insight and clarity to a business problem or strategic direction, vs when it distracts or confuses the pursuit of goals based on strong guiding principles or ‘gut feel’.


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