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You’re interested in generating more leads and sales for your business, but Digital can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be.

Selling products and services in the engineering and manufacturing industry requires a specific set of rules.

From a marketing beginner to a seasoned marketing executive, we help business like yours formulate a marketing strategy that works. We keep it as simple as possible so you, your staff and stakeholders understand it every step of the way.

“Marketing services so you can concentrate on your business.”

Want to learn more about Digital Marketing for your business?


“I’m a marketing virgin – what do I do?”

Our services are aimed at business owners and directors who want to concentrate on their business, not marketing. To get started we prepared some information here or explore the FAQ’s pages for a definition of some of the esoteric terms marketers use.

We work with business of all sizes, from startups to multi-million turnover manufacturing and technology companies. Get in touch for a free discussion of your requirements.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy starts with your website. This is the central hub of your commercial activity.

Some of the basics include a landing page, Calls-to-action (CTA’s) and responsiveness across all types of browsers (Google, Edge, Bing, Yahoo etc.) and devices such as mobile as well as a desktop computer.

Finally, you want to lead customers to purchase from you.

Click on the image above/left for a more detailed explanation. This could simply be by directing them to make contact with you to a more complex direct online purchase.

Return On Investment Marketing

We deliver a return on investment from your engineering and technology marketing spend. We created a LinkedIn group dedicated to marketing for the engineering and technology industry.

Many of these posts are published in our section Return on Investment.

We also created a FAQ’s page to break down some of the many acronyms into understandable English terms.

Marketing Services

We provide a full digital marketing strategy or specific requirements such as copywriting, translating or SEO management to meet your customer needs.

From a mobile App to a sophisticated and interactive website design, including online tools, calculators, engineering, manufacturing and technology company and industry news ensuring your visitors continue to engage your site.

We understand the engineering and manufacturing industry, how to connect with end users, influencers and specifiers to expose your brand and ultimately increase revenue through better lead generation.

Read on or contact us for an informal discussion on how we can assist in providing more exposure for your products and services.

Bootstrap or Venture Capital

If you don’t know the answers to the question of VC or bootstrapping or aren’t sure what the future means to bootstrap or seek out venture capital, here are some pros and cons

How to start marketing as a manufacturer.

Marketing for engineering, manufacturing and tech companies is not that difficult if you follow some simple rules. Strip out the guff and get down to basics, from creating simple buyer personas to the difference between digital Ads, social media and your website.

The Future of Work

This year has...

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